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Up in the Clouds, A Cucumber Melody Scent inspired by MoralDistress


What kind of candle company would we be if we didn't offer Cucumber Melon scent?

Made with 100% Soy Wax and Scent Oils.

My community, (The Angels) is many things: Enchanting. Brave. Lively. Accepting. No matter the circumstance, we always create a welcoming and enjoyable space where you can laugh on your bad days or simply vibe during those late nights. I am a mental health and selfcare advocate; constantly ensuring that my community knows they are supported, appreciated, and loved. We also stand beside and support our fellow LGBTQIA+ and neurologically diverse friends! No matter if we've known each other for a few hours or a few years we always do what we can to uplift and show we care for our fellow Angels (new and old). I strive to learn a little bit more with every stream, whether that is about myself, each other, or the game at hand. I look forward to seeing you among the clouds, Angels!

MoralDistress - Twitch


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