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Tranquil Banhammer, a Oats, Milk, and Honey scent inspired by KelKel8705


3 amazing things.  3 amazing scents.  Combined for a heavenly scent combo.

Made with 100% Soy Wax and Scent Oils.

The Banhammer Cave is a place that anyone is welcome to come to, we strive at mediocre game play but make sure there are plenty of laughs from start to finish. We try to make sure that everyone enjoys their time at the Cave and try to encourage anyone struggling with mental health to reach out for help, as well as to not feel alone.

As far as the community goes, they are more than just my viewers, they are close friends and many of them are like family to myself and others. We are a tight knit community that helps each other whether it's celebrating a high or getting through a low. Whether you are actively speaking, or hanging out dropping support with a lurk, you are welcomed and loved, and appreciated! I truly hit the jackpot when I returned to streaming, and I'm so thankful I returned! 

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