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The Northern Light, a Cinnamon Roll scent inspired by MinstrelsTale


Just like mom used to make.  Cinnamon Buns straight from the oven.  

Made with 100% Soy Wax and Scent Oils.


Greetings, fellow adventurers! Would you like to hear a story from the land of ice and snow? Then head over to A Minstrel's Tale, where those with storied pasts seek out a living in the barren wasteland of Icewind Dale, where nothing is as it seems, and those you trust may betray you for the very coat on your back. While Icewind Dale can be an "Interesting Place" There is solace to be found within the Northern Light, the coziest Inn in all Ten Towns where they are famous for their Sticky Buns! 


Let the sweet scent of their sticky buns beckon to you as you hear our Tales, Join the DM and players of A Minstrel's Tale every Saturday at 6pm Pacific Standard Time @, as they attempt to navigate not only the frigid wastes of this inhospitable land and its unyielding night sky, but the chilly hearts of its denizens.


Watch as they uncover secrets so old and terrifying that few dare to even speak of them. Can Icewind Dale be saved from the Frost Maiden's everlasting night? Or will the queen of cold and frost reign forevermore?


Our community is a safe and inclusive place for those who seek it, we share tales from this realm and beyond through TTRPG & Variety Games! We endeavor to lift up marginalized voices, and work with charities on our platform in an effort to actively help others!


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