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Sunken Paradise, A Cucumber Melon Scent inspired by JenChaotic


What kind of candle company would we be if we didn't offer Cucumber Melon scent?

Made with 100% Soy Wax and Scent Oils.

Hi, I'm Jen! I am a marine scientist, mental health advocate, and cat obsessed variety streamer on Twitch!   I enjoy bringing awareness to mental health in honor of my late father and advocating for my community to take care of their own mental health.  As a marine scientist, I enjoy talking about the ocean and its inhabitants and have the option for my community to ask me for facts about whatever they want to know about the ocean.  There is also a possibility you will hear a kitty on my stream!

Here at Heracleion I work hard to provide a small paradise for my community to come to so they can forget about their day, life, or troubles and woes for the duration of my stream with my silly jokes and chaotic personality.  My community is comprised of many, many different people who try their best to cheer each other on.  We advocate and support one another.  We celebrate small and large wins.   My community and I work together to provide spaces for people from all different types of communities to feel safe, welcome, and included.  We provide a safe and comforting place for those who need it.  We all do what we can to put a smile on each other's faces, laugh, and provide a nonjudgmental and chaotic atmosphere.  So, please, feel free to come in, take a seat, become part of the fam, and enjoy our sunken paradise.

jenchaotic - Twitch



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