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Death of Mic, A Lavender scent inspired by MicNic1291


You have walked into a lavender field in full bloom.  You can enjoy it without worrying about your allergies going nuts with this amazing stream candle.

Made with 100% Soy Wax and Scent Oils.

My stream is a LGBTQIA+ stream where I play a variety of games. I notoriously die a lot, so my community loves to joke about my death count and celebrate when I complete a task without dying. We welcome everyone and reject any toxicity. During streams we chat about anything the community is interested in and it’s very interactive. I love playing RPGs, classic PlayStation games, and doing challenges. I have bipolar, ADHD, anxiety, and depression so mental health is very important to the stream and any negativity is not allowed. My stream is all about having fun and making me the butt of the joke.


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