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A Shy Flame, A Blue Raspberry Scent inspired by ShyNieke


One of my favorite smells of all time is blue raspberry candy.  So we decided to bottle it and put it into a candle.  The Cosmic comes from the shimmer as it burns.  When we poured this one it looks like a cosmic fantasy.  

Made with 100% Soy Wax and Scent Oils.


My time on Twitch has been a long and winding journey but has been an amazing experience the whole way! I started streaming (insert here) years ago playing Sea of Thieves with my best friend where we would mess around and have fun. Initially the community was comprised of close friends and was only meant to be a hobby, however, I started to branch out from Sea of Thieves and started to play other games that I find interesting. I was lucky to be invited to the Forgecraft server due to my background in Minecraft mod development and streamed from the server and appeared in the videos of a larger content creator. From this, my community started to grow and my streams were getting more popular. I started to stream more variety content including Phasmophobia and Grounded while still playing Sea of Thieves on stream. Throughout all of this I have had many amazing people stop by the stream and hang around and even got a raid from one of the biggest Sea of Thieves streamers on my birthday! While my community has arrived from all different backgrounds, they all seem to stick around and love the content I produce and the weird noises I make and try to break me every stream and I'm glad to be around so many amazing people! I do take the biggest pride that I can be myself in my community that being a trans woman and I also take a lot of pride in how open and supportive my community is, they don't care who you are or where you come from!

ShyNieke - Twitch



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