We are a family start up candle company. We started making candles as something fun to do with the kids. Then it turned out that we are pretty good at it and enjoy it. After speaking with my father-in-law SurvivalRob, we decided to make a run at doing this professionally. I truly hope your experience with us is an amazing one. We are both Veterans and we both live for attention to detail. You can trust that every candle will be made with care. Our goal is to break the mold. We have huge plans for the future. Nostalgia candles, "Mandles", Survival candles and more. Along with all this, the ladies of our life, Lov3Christine and Linnette want to make "Pretty Candles". Our daughter Scarlette wants to make a candle line where she donates the profits to her project "Scarlette Saves the Sea". We will start off slow and each month you will see more and more. This is going to be big. Thank you for supporting our start up!


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